22.06 - 17.09 Barcelona

Ideas, strategies and projects that give rise to pilot projects. They tackle the challenges raised by the stakeholders involved and which are found in particular places in Barcelona or Medellín.

Habitation habits

“What was the first place that charmed us? It has to exist, but we don’t remember it; perhaps it was a street in the rain, turned into a series of grey planes that faded towards the horizon. Perhaps it was a village square edged with trees, their shade providing protection from the relentless sun. Or again, a Republican house crammed full of objects and full of colours. It may be your own room, offering itself up, warm and alluring, at some point in the night for the pleasure of inhabiting it.”

“The verb to dwell supposes a series of places, but at each moment of life there is always ‘a place’. What is that place?”

Today, as young Colombian architects, we want to reflect on the value of inhabited space. Of the material construction that allows humankind to extend its self and be, or vice versa. The place that allows you to leave a mark and say: that’s where I live.

To answer these questions, we set out to present the habitat of an urban and human ecosystem in small models, some representing reality and others a possible solution.

“The space of the bedroom could be equated with the desire to be recognisable. Back then, things were ordered by collections. Objects picked up here and there acquired presence. Books began their expansion in a minuscule library. A transistor radio broadcast the secrets of an apparently unintelligible music. Sex was beginning to rear its head.”

Again, “What is that place? […] As a child, it is your bedroom and perhaps the house; later, the neighbourhood and the city”.


Alberto Saldarriaga Roa, Los lugares habitados (2010)


Daniela Validez

Julián Oquendo

Julio César Cabrera

María Adelaida Muñoz Uribe

Sara Arteaga

Wendy Álvarez


Types of homes