22.06 - 17.09 Barcelona

Introduction to the concept of  Piso Piloto, an initial look at the thesis surrounding the combination of housing and public space by the use of key themes or hashtags. 

Formal Access to housing

There are two common forms of housing tenure: rental and ownership. Future access to housing includes alternatives that are little known here but much used in some countries.

Informal access to housing

Out of need or as a form of protest, there are ways of obtaining housing without going through the legal channels, with some drawbacks and some advantages.


Cooperatives, based on use value, have emerged as an alternative to traditional forms of housing tenure, based on market value.

Right to the city

The right to housing goes hand in hand with the right to the city, defined as the right to urban life—a quality urban life.


One consequence of the economic crisis has been evictions. The government’s response varies: if the government doesn’t offer an effective response, the people have to come up with alternatives.

Housing emergency

The global economic crisis has prompted a rise in the risk of poverty. What programmes have been deployed to alleviate the housing emergency?


Gentrification is a process of urban transformation in which the original population of a run-down, impoverished sector or neighbourhood is progressively displaced by one with a higher acquisitive level as the area is renovated.

Fuel poverty

Having energy and water in the home is a basic requisite for being able to enjoy a life with minimum standards of comfort, health and sanitation.


A study of the evolution of housing prices allows rigorous analysis of phenomena such as gentrification and evictions.

Recycling and rehabilitation

What are the alternatives to the construction of new buildings in the city’s consolidated spaces?


Each housing problem may have specific pathologies associated with it; this accentuates the imbalances caused by social inequalities.


A person doesn’t end up in the street overnight, nor due to a single cause. The reasons are many and varied: some depend on the individual person, others have to do with the society we live in.

Types of homes

Why are so many four-bedroom homes still being built if the demand for types of homes has changed?

Empty dwellings

The existence of empty dwellings is a social problem when there are also people with no home.