22.06 - 17.09 Barcelona

Ideas, strategies and projects that give rise to pilot projects. They tackle the challenges raised by the stakeholders involved and which are found in particular places in Barcelona or Medellín.

Bio Bui(l)t Txema

This project is not just about the build; it is actually much more ambitious as it aims to involve city people in a process of ongoing learning, using the resulting space. Txema is a space for experimentation where participation, collaboration and team work are the only working tools.

It is a project where everyone can take part at any time, whether in the design or the construction, contributing their ideas, knowledge or experience. It is a project for the self-management of public space, a space for learning, publicizing and experimenting with good practices; the use of healthy natural materials; innovation and creativity applied to processes and products; the training of experts and city people in specific solutions to improve wellbeing; reflection and debate about tools and examples of social organization. Above all, it is an open space for meeting and exchanging collective experiences to promote the common good.

The building’s construction is based on participatory training workshops for people interested in learning different bioconstruction techniques. The main aim of these workshops is to empower ordinary citizens, giving them the tools and knowledge needed to self-construct using concepts of bioconstruction. The process is completely horizontal: although specialists give the workshops, the idea is that anyone can take part in them at any time to share their knowledge. The workshops are organized with the collaboration of volunteers, BaM members, neighbourhood organizations, city people, schools, universities, technicians, specialists and companies committed to the environment and biodegradable construction techniques.


Bio Arquitectura Mediterránea


Recycling and rehabilitation


Carrer de Montalegre 4

Carrer Montalegre 4, Barcelona